Introducing ‘SlewRate’

Introducing 'SlewRate'

Introducing ‘SlewRate’

Slew Rate is a British Hip-Hop artist, Born in Harlesden, North West London. Raised in a mixed Caribbean (Grenada) and British background. Slew Rate grew up hearing everything Roots to Rap from Bob Marley to Jay-Z which has sparked a very chilling heartfelt hard hitting unique twist on current styles presented in the form of Rap and sung vocals. Slew Rate combines the Harsh UK Grime influenced artists such as from London based MC’s such as Dizzie Rascal/Kano with the sharp lyrical complexity and melodic tones and additional humour of many classical hip hop legends such as Big Pun & Pusha T & Lil Wayne.

Fascinated with the sharp and soulful tones of producers such a DJ Premier & Pete Rock. Slew Rate incorporates a chillingly conscious lyrical flow with a strong sense of spiritualism giving across a strong sense of faith with heavily political subject matter not too dissimilar from the exchange of bars found in a freestyle rap battle.

Slew Rate has performed live on numerous locations and is currently performing as part of the Westfield presents events in Shepard’s Bush London performing songs such as “Roll with the Lord” & “God Complex”