Introducing Saulo Davis


Brazilian born Canadian R&B artist Saulo Davis has been singing professionally for over ten years. From his early musical theater and classical roots, through to his Gospel Choir involvement, and now on to his new up coming R&B album ‘Words Out Loud’ Davis states he has now found his niche in music.

Davis has created music events in his hometown of Vancouver BC Canada; which embrace the diverse musical atmosphere of the city. Davis also heads up his own Graphic Design/Music Management and Artist Development company called Innovate Muzic. Davis’ music has been featured in several online publications and on various television networks such as the multicultural channel and OutLook TV.

Davis is setting up dates to preview songs from his new record ‘Words Out Loud’ The First single “Collapse” Is currently being previewed via his website- Here you can view his new music video, past single releases, online music store and learn more about this talented, entrepreneurial up coming R&B artist.

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