Introducing ‘RealVenom’

Introducing 'RealVenom'

Realvenom, the “Black Sage of Wind”, hails from the Temple of Zeke in the Megacity of Hip-Hop. He specializes in boom bap, lo-fi, trap & various alternative sounds. Artists who profoundly influence his venomous lyrics are J. Cole; Earl Sweatshirt; Lil Uzi Vert and XXXTENTACION.

RealVenom’s debut album, Dreadful Transcendence, details a laid-back narrative of a young man coming to age and facing his demons one step at a time. RealVenom showcases somber flows over Lo-Fi Hip-Hop beats and his lyrical ability to rap circles around the stereotypical rap artist. Months later, Venom would experiment with southern rap, trap, and dark grunge vibes on his album Death. His experimentation with alternative rock and abrasive metal would slowly become more prominent with his albums; Gentrification of Hell, Hallowseve, Vol. 2, & Save Yourself but Forget About Me.

Before the world met its end, Realvenom was born in the year of ’95; born in Arizona, and lived in Texas, California, & currently Georgia. He gained an appreciation for all genres of music through the states he’s resided in & through his family, in particular, the first time he heard his jazz vocalist grandmother perform.

He has crafted and honed his stage presence with every performance. Realvenom’s mission is to influence the world through music to be a conductor of positivity, unity and individuality in the best way possible – spreading his venomous lyrics to change the universe one bar at a time!