Introducing ‘Nxmb Hxart’

Introducing 'Nxmb Hxart'

Introducing ‘Nxmb Hxart’

Today, one of the best things about rap music is the fact that the general is incredibly diverse, allowing artists to explore many new directions and push the music further. This is most certainly the case of Nxmb Hxart.

This rapper managed to focus on the more melodic side of the genre, allowing different instrumental ideas and vocal parts to build a catchier twist, but without compromising in terms of integrity. Hailing from Chicago, the artist has been passionate about music ever since he was very young. He continued to develop his songwriting skills, combining rap with melodic singing.

To date, Nxmb Hxart has collaborated with so many different artists, developing different songs and ideas, but also strengthening his signature style, which is half song and half rapped, perfecting the formula that artists like T-Pain, Drake, Travis Scott, Post Malone or Joey Bada$$ popularized. Before making music as a solo artist, Nxmb Hxart was actually part of a duo, Fire and Ice, with Kakashi Xponent, which was his main gig before going his own way as a recording artist.

Find out more about Nxmb Hxart, and listen to Michael. You will be able to find these releases on all major digital streaming services.