Introducing Nova Marcell

Introducing Nova Marcell

Introducing Nova Marcell:

Keith Marcell Henderson, better known to most as Nova Marcell, is a hip hop recording artist and songwriter from Kansas City, Kansas. Nova discover music very early in life and never looked back. Crafting sounds that have a melodic side but also hard hitting lyrical ability, metaphors, and punchlines. As an Artist Nova stands apart from other rapper artist with his sound, most notably his vocals, and deliver. Nova has worked with a variety of local artist and has also collaborated with Vedo (Songwriter for Chris Brown) from Atlanta, Roy Hamilton III (Grammy Award Winner), Raph (Producer for R Kelly) just to name a few. Nova is not only an artist but a songwriter as well crafting universal sounds which include; Pop, R&B, Alternative, Rap, and Neo Soul.

Nova sound writing abilities are limitlessly and can adopt to any sound that is presented. Finding success hasn’t been easy but this hasn’t stopped the 28 year old artist who is tackling the industry full throttle with multiply releases, live performances and networking with heavy hitters in the industry. Releasing his first album in 2016 “itz Jus Di4erent” which included perpetuated the idea that one shouldn’t follow trends but to glorify being, living, loving and thinking differently.

Nova as solo artist always brings a unique style of smooth, soulful, new school sound unlike anything you have ever heard. He writes feel good music as well as that real relevant hip-hop rap that widely continuing his demographics to the masses. Influence by the likes of Teddy Pendergrass, Prince, Anita Baker, Sade, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, and Ice Cube to name a few. His magnetizing personality brings an intoxicating stage presence and musical ability which fits well with his innovative and refreshing sound