Introducing Mone


Mone was born in the Delta of Mississippi in a small town called Indianola. She was raised by a hardworking single mother of four. Life circumstances molded Mone and she became a true fighter — fueled by her strength, drive and passion. At an early age, Mone was diagnosed with childhood Cancer. After spending months to years of her life recovering, Mone knew that just dreaming alone wasn’t enough. She started singing at the ripe age of eight.

Present day musician and entrepreneur Mone is currently boosting her promising career in Atlanta, GA. In November 2014, Mone was diagnosed with stage four cancer and it was told to be Terminal this time. Despite the diagnosis, Mone still remains strong. Being the strong, talented, and educated woman that she is, she has decided to share her battle and story in a very emotional and creative EP scheduled to be released in the fall of 2015. Mone has worked with many of your favorite producers such as Cassius Jay, Zaytoven,The Exclusives,Dun Deal and more.You can be expecting Mone’s Special Releases before her EP is released, she calls it “The Re-Introduction”.

Mone is moving full speed ahead on a path to making her dream become her reality. She is battling Cancer again presently, and is more determined than ever. She feels that her disease is a journey that must be taken. She is on her way to becoming the next “Big” talent out of Mississippi. “My time is now, so I’m going for it,” says Mone. After moving to Atlanta in 2010 with $100 in her pocket, there’s nowhere to go, but up. “I’m a hustler and I go for what I know. If it feels right to me, I am going for it,” says Mone.

Mone - Bank

You can find Mone’s single “Bank,” available for purchase on iTunes. Be on the lookout for her upcoming single “Here 4 You.”

Listen to Mone’s Music on her YouTube Vlog ( that was created to share her journey with Cancer and to allow others to follow her rising career.

In Mone’s words, “I want people to see what being an artist is really about. I’m a hungry artist that’s willing to sacrifice and make my dreams become a reality. Cancer can’t Kill me, I’ll Kill Cancer.”