Introducing Megaton


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Music is all that I have left in my life, and it’s all I’ve known since the age of 4! Surrounded by it growing up with an uncle that played over 10 instruments, adapting to the art wasn’t difficult.

Growing up in the Caribbean, world music sounds dominated the airwaves as international cultures fuse to make the unique sounds of the Islands.

I fell in love with the sounds and styles of Hip Hop while many of my friends in my environment gravitated towards Reggae, Dancehall, Junkanoo, Soca and Calypso, Hip Hop became my passion.

From LL Cool J to Lil Wayne, Hip Hop was in the air that I breathed. I started performing professionally in 2000 as an international recording artist. I trained as a Sound Engineer and Producer so I make alot of my own music, so now I’m ready to take my music to the world.

Get Ready for Megaton!!!