Introducing ‘MBK Productions Group’

Introducing 'MBK Productions Group'

Introducing ‘MBK Productions Group’

From the plains of Dawson, Georgia arose two brothers that were destined to make music. Samuel (Sam) and Quinton (QP) started off in the church playing and singing in choirs where they had a chance to perform throughout Southwest Georgia. Later on, in life, QP joined the Terrell Middle High Marching Band playing the tenor drum and Samuelle discovered a passion for singing and writing.

Through the years they would go on to be in different bands that helped foster their skills and talents while landing as bandmates in the current group “Moonlight Boulevard”, where Sam serves as one of the vocalists and songwriters and QP plays the drums.  Out of the responsibility of being the heartbeat of the band, QP honed in on his beat making skills.

With their wealth of growing knowledge and experiences, the brothers came up with the plan to have a one-stop setup shop for music production that included making the beat, recording the track, and digitally releasing the music. Out of this vision, the MBK Productions Group was born. The rest, as they say, is history.