Introducing Latonza Entertainment

Latonza Entertainment

Latonza Entertainment is a burgeoning independent label that’s making waves. “True waves” as artist D.A. Baby would say. Founded midway through the first decade of the millennium. Saginaw, Michigan native and founder; Jamie Willis, has set his sites on international attention. The first 3 Hip Hop artist set for release off the imprint are considered lethal. Not only because of the hard hitting, hard core sound. Of street tales, Gunfire, and hustling from Dave Reynolds. But, also the in your your face witty wordplay and moral grandeur from D.A. Baby. Where in his world there’s nothing more important than God, Family, Money and Power. B. Miles, the newest acquisition could possibly be the glue that gels this team together. With a down to earth no holds barred Midwest drawl. Miles represent for the everyday hardworking average Joe. With releases set for the upcoming months Latonza Entertainment is looking forward to 2016. Please visit for updates and new music. Join the email list for special offers and show dates.