Introducing Kay Soul


Kay Soul is a r&b/neo soul singer, poet, and songwriter. In January 2014, Kay Soul was nominated for a Chicago Independent Music Award for best R&B Singer proving that hard work and dedication to your craft always pays off. After completing a successful live Valentine’s weekend show “Poetry~Love~Music” , the Kay Soul Love Tour in North Carolina and Atlanta, and releasing two new singles “Love Again” and “In the Moment”, Kay Soul most recently completed a critically successful 2nd installment of Kay Soul Seasons:Poetry~Music~Art~Charity on October 4, 2014. Kay Soul released her highly anticipated mixtape, “Flowers, Peaches, & all that Other Ish” and debuted her new single “Old Friend” produced by Grammy Nominated producers, Arkatech Beatz. This new music is guaranteed to highlight the artist’s vocal & writing versatility as she sings about the good, the bad, & the ugly of life and love. Kay Soul has generated much buzz in the industry with her unique tone, relatable image, and poetic writing style.

Kay Soul began writing songs and poetry while still in elementary school and by 19 recorded her first song entitled “It’s All About Trust.” Having some local success in 2007, Kay Soul, formally known as Kay G, was featured on the mix tape Boss of All Bosses with 2 original songs “Key to my heart” and “Hattaz”. The single “Hattaz” featured hiphop artist Fugi and challenged women to step up their own game instead of throwing shade to the next woman. Kay Soul eventually completed here album under Crushin Em Records amply titled “Tomorrow’s Yesterday”, which featured the locally successful “Young Girl”: a letter of love and encouragement addressing the transition from girl to womanhood and including an appearance from her younger sister Kontessa.

Kay Soul began to pick up momentum after an impromptu and critically successful performance of “Dealings” with Eric Roberson in June 2012 and the release of her hit single “Body Contact” in November 2012. “Body Contact”, a sexy mid tempo song, gave listeners the opportunity to see a sexier more intimate side of the artist.

In 2011, Kay Soul penned the emotional record “Let Go”, which dealt with the difficulty of losing love and letting go of past hurt. However, Kay Soul first performed the ballad live during her June 2012 appearance on the TV show 1Love 1House. “Let Go” was officially released on iTunes and other distributors on July 4, 2013. Serving as her first mass release record, Kay Soul has been increasing her fan base and building her brand. Since the release of “Let Go”, Kay Soul has been featured in several publications including, Beat Da Pavement, The Showcase Magazine, Chicago Hustles Magazine, Just Me Magazine & Exposed Vocals.

Kay Soul is ready for the world to take notice. Driven, Dedicated, Destined, and Determined. Kay Soul makes no apologies for living outside the box. With influences such as JIll Scott, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Anthony Hamilton, Pattie LaBelle and many more, Kay Soul is sure to bring a mix of soul, r&b, hip/hop and funk to her music. Raw in her talent and genuine in her emotion, Kay Soul is ready to pour out her soul to all who will listen. She strongly believes that her time is now and stands firmly on this calling for her life.