Introducing Ignius Rock


It was during his high school years in Jamaica, that songwriter and artiste Ignius aka Rock more popularly referred to as Ignius became in tuned with his love for music. However, it was not until after the completion of that chapter in his life did his musical journey and career development truly begin. His dynamic voice perfectly complements his compelling lyrics, as Ignius writes songs that will endure pleasing music lovers of all ages.

With the upcoming release of his mixtape titled Ignius Street Mix Vol 1, Ignius in 2014 successfully completed two promotional tours in the United States. There he was invited to perform at several events, participate in radio interviews and make appearances at Reggae stations throughout New York. Ignius who has featured on local Jamaican TV, radio and performed throughout Jamaica for many years, was impressive wherever he went garnering accolades from all he encountered, gaining new fans with each outing.

In the earlier stages of his career he had the opportunity to work alongside Reggae artiste Determine, who imparted valuable insight on honing his talents. Afterwards, he met producer Cassette Jones who was very instrumental in the development of the style and artiste that is now Ignius aka Rock.

Travelling with Ignius along the way was his childhood friend now business partner, Nash-I aka Danga tha Producer. Together they teamed up with Shieka Hunte who came on board as executive producer and personal manager and eventually formed Warrantee Productions. As the journey continued, Ignius expanded his repertoire as he is now a producer and co-owner of a studio where he and his team create Reggae and Dancehall music using sounds of the past, present and beyond.

In 2015 Ignius will continue the promotion of his Street Mix Tape. This will give listeners a chance to sample his unique style while he works on upcoming albums. Ignius gears up to stamp his name on the industry, firmly leaving his mark on fans in Jamaica while establishing a more extensive presence worldwide.