Introducing Hippy Hendrix


‘’Hippy Hendrix’’ whose real name is Quinton Orr, was born in Nassau Medical Center On July 12,1990.Hippy’s Mother had a stormy relationship with his father. He was basically raised by his mother, who worked various jobs to support him. Times were a little rough, but she managed to go to school in the early 90’s to obtain her CDA to work with young children, a longtime dream for her. Hippy spent most of his youth in Copiague, Long Island, NY.
Before moving to a small town called Wyandanch, at the age 7 yrs. old his ear for music became a passion and he decided to chase his dreams. He was influenced by variety of music such as Jazz, Country & R&B, but pop was one of his favorite genres. He introduced his self to Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and Billy Joel.
In 2013, Hippy was featured in a Russell Simmons documentary titled ‘Next Generation Hip Hop’ shot by Brooklyn director Andrew Smart .Hippy spoke about the industry and how his style of music will change the game. Later on hippy performed at various showcases and venues, which lead to him meeting R&b artist Tazzy B, and they decided to collaborate on their first mixtape, ‘Hippy Woodstock 2G” which took their artistry to another level.
In January of 2014,Hippy Hendrix then was signed to label Federal District, owned by former Dip Set artist “Nymrod. His debut album “Peace Love & Music was released on November 25th of 2014, when he was signed Federal District Ent. Corp. and was PHENOMENAL with singles like ” Like Jimi , Winning, Journey, & the entitled track “PEACE LOVE MUSIC ” with an independent rapper named L.O.

In 2015 Hippy then signed with Management Label Profit Life Organization owned and operated by CEO and Long island Artist Profit Dollars and is being managed by former R&B artist “Jennie K”.
In August 2015 Hippy Hendrix will release his follow-up album ‘Free My Soul’ under Profit Life Organization(PLO),And has the smash hits, “Life Is A Gamble’, “Go Hard “featuring Profit Dollars, ‘I Win ‘Featuring Rashana G,’I Ain’t Worried’ featuring Young Izz,and a bunus track featured ona special edition, ‘No No’ featuring Vinnie Chase.
From the beginning of his career up until now, Hippy Hendrix has become much more lyrically inclined and continues to be influenced by all genres of music. He continues his journey in his music career with his intentions on becoming one of the greatest with his hippie talk and his smooth classic songs.Expect GREAT things from this young classic in the making! To be continued……