Introducing ‘HIGHFRONT’

Introducing 'HIGHFRONT'

| HIGHFRONT | Heavy Hard Rock | Ottawa, Canada | Formed September 2019 |

The sound of the band is rooted in a heavy hard rock sound and the four members of HIGHFRONT bring a wide range of influences and many years of experience that the band hopes will help them branch out while remaining true to a straight up rock n roll sound.

• Adam Loback – Guitar / Vocals
• Corey Zadorozny – Drums
• JC Croizet – Bass
• Cameron Farrell – Guitar

What some in the media and fans have had to say about the band;
• Elliot Wrench
One hashtag for this. What a band and discovery #HynopticRiff

• Down The Front Media
“Through Pain We Dine’ is a rifftastic, no holds barred, vein popper of a track. If you’re in the market for a cathartic shout-along this might just be what you’re looking for.” And we say, Thank You!!!

With catchy riffs and beat that makes you move your body, we’re enjoying the @HIGHFRONT1 track ‘Through Pain We Dine’. Adams vocals are so impassioned + raw when he lets loose on the chorus.

• Thanks to Keep Rock Alive for the recommendation to check out HIGHFRONT
These guys RAWK!

glad to have you on the station, wicked track! – RockerboB