Introducing GiiXX


We bring to you GiiXX aka Gilbert Rwamukunyu. 

I am Gilbert Rwamukunyu. I am an up and coming artist (GIIXX) pronounced G-20 and producer (Luxur). I am 21 live in Gilbert, Arizona but originally from California. I can play guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone. I also sing and started producing my own instrumentals last summer when I got Fruit loops software for my computer. A lot of people were amazed by my instrumental but I just though it was regular just spilling out what has been in my mind since I was 4 years old. In high school choir I hanged out with around 12 guys all the time and they were good half of them better than I was. Made sense though since I just joined and they been in choirs for years but not me I was a shower singer like Chris brown. When I started sing every one noticed I had a wide vocal rage from being the lowest in the class to higher than a lot of girls could sing with my falsetto. So generally a lot girls started to take notice to me since I had a smooth low voice some girls started to like me. most people say I sound like old time singers like 70′-90’s low voice singers that have smooth voices. a lot of other people say I sound like Fetty Wap and Chris Brown for singing and Tupac when I rap. I saw it made sense cause I do have a low voice like Fetty Wap and Tupac but I really don’t want Tupac’s low voice cause man lord have mercy that’s too damn low I could never sing a lot of songs I would be singing Berry White all the time then. I can sing a lot of songs but the one thing with this low voice is that it will restrict you from singing songs that are a bit to high for your vocal range. In the past 5 years I found a way to combat it to where I can raise my vocal range up to sing a lot of songs but still as you get higher from your original starting place it becomes hard to go high which is the X-factor but at least my voice can go a lot higher then it used to and I can still go lower than most guys. Now other than I played sports all my life football, basketball, surfing (I still do it, love it so much), dirt bike riding (still do it), paint balling (will always do it), volleyball, soccer (for the rest of the world and the real name Football)…….. on and on, I could keep on going. I did all of them in high school could have played football in college but I like music more and will get in the way of me training for next years Americas got talent (2016-2017). If if you want to know more about me you can check out my Facebook.