Introducing ‘Ceo Carter’

Introducing 'Ceo Carter'

Ceo Carter going strong with a string of successful singles.

Rap artist Ceo Carter is all about approaching his music with uncompromising honesty, and colorful creativity. He is passionate about recreating the sound and feel of the best old-school beats and 90s melodies, but his songs aren’t just a trip down on Memory Lane. On the contrary, Ceo’s music has a fresh and lively attitude, with a vibrant tone.

Recently, Ceo set out to release a string of well-received singles, such as “Like A Don,” “Something 2 Prove,” “After This,” and  last but not least, “Havin It”. His music tips the hat off to legendary artists like Yo Gotti, Future, and Riff Raff, while igniting the listener’s heart with energy. More importantly, Ceo’s lyrics are very easy to relate to, punchy and fun!

Ceo Carter loves taking the stage having performed to audiences up to 10,000 both nationally and internationally.

If you love great melodies and modern rap antics, you’re in the right place.

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