Introducing Brooklyn’s HoneyChrome


Alternative & experimental electro pop artist HoneyChrome is a Michael Jackson/Eminem hybrid born in one of MNDR’s dreams. His high energy, multisensory live shows leave you with ear worms playing through your head long after the show has ended.After spending 4 years as rapper “Chad D,” in Pennsylvania, Chad Lewine moved to Brooklyn and adorned the moniker HoneyChrome, a name inspired by a dream of bees. Nope – he wasn’t stung, but stood and watched an entire hive grow and begin to thrive. HoneyChrome brings love & light through the wormhole via dancing, hyperactive beats, uplifting lyrics and messages of passion & romance. It was only after immersing himself in the underground NYC rave scene that HoneyChrome was re-invigorated with his passion for music & performing. This rebirth can be heard on his upcoming single, “Cross.”

Check out his recent video for ‘Hope You Visit Soon, Bro’ on youtube

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