Introducing Ben Wadey


Ben Wadey is a purely acoustic singer-songwriter, most of the tunes are built around an acoustic guitar in the forefront and vocal track. Unlike most acoustic bands, this guy flat out rocks!

Sure the overall feel is raw, rough and ready, but the melodies are skewed and unexpected enough to avoid sounding predictable or easily tired, yet they’re consistently breezy and catchy all the same. Ben Wadey gives things his own slant with a bunch of offbeat stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

Ben Wadey’s music shines in exquisite taste: melodically, lyrically, instrumentation (richness in tone and scarcity in instruments!). A spirit of honest and genuine reflection, of wisdom gained the hard way, is carried along by diverse, engaging, and frequently robust melodies. And Wadey’s vigorous voice–both his literal and figurative voice – is affecting. Wadey’s vocals are at their most persuasive on “Sweet Devine” and “Better Than Being With You”.

Check out some of his latest music: