Interview with ‘Michelle A. Jones’

Interview with 'Michelle A. Jones'

An informal interview of Michelle A. Jones, she talks about how she began writing lyrics for songs and people she worked with, including her brother, together they are known as The Golden Ferrets. Their latest song will be out in a few weeks. This is The Interview of Michelle A. Jones.

Where are you from?

I live in central Florida.

How long have you been making music?

I have been writing lyrics for songs for 8 years!
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How many songs /albums have you released to date?

I have released 5 songs with other artists!

Can you tell us about your latest release and the background and inspirations behind it?

My interview , called The Interview of Michelle A. Jones, talks about recent releases and a new song not yet released, I’m inspired by life events and experiences. My new song co-written and performed by my brother,
Jim O’Rourke as a team we are known as The Golden Ferrets. I worked with other artists under my name.
My latest song was inspired by the current events and my view of how it will all end!

How have you ended up in the music industry?

I come from a family of writers and musicians and I started to write lyrics after I retired from the teaching profession! My brother helped me get started by working with me and who is an indie artist for many years!

What do you think of the music industry in 2021?

I think the quality of the music isn’t as good or what actually gets played then
the past. Because of the new technology it’s a less personal industry. The DJ’s often determined getting your song plays. It’s a lot different now. I am fairly new to this industry and am an indie lyrics writer. there are different types of opportunities today in a very competitive business. There are many talented artists out there!

Who do you think the most influential artist?

There are many, the Beatles, and Bruno Mars, Drake and many more!

Who have you collaborated with so far in your career?

My Brother Jim O’Rourke a long time indie rock artist and Ajax Alexander a young rapper I met.

How do you think you differ from other artists?

I think the fact that I’m older and I only write lyrics, so the genre can be fit to the type of artist you work with,
so I consider myself a kind of novelty. I also produced my first ever music video almost two years ago!

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?

I would have to say Paul Mcartney.

What was the first album you bought?

I bought many singles but the first pop album i ever bought was The Beatles ’65 album!.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Leave the Door Open.

If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your draw?

Daisy’s Riding Shotgun

What is your favourite saying?

You can’t take it with you!
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What other hobbies or interests do you have?

I love movies, reading biographies and true crime books.
I also do some arts and crafts and table settings.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Only pierced ears no tattoos.

Tell us more about your upcoming project or this new project?

It’s a dark song about how people and institutions betray you. No trust in people or government from my view. My brother Jim did the music and performs the song, called Didn’t See It Coming.

What’s in the pipeline after this project?

I’m already writing lyrics for another song and I may possibly try and do a children’s book based on my song and video Daisy’s Riding Shotgun. Kids really enjoy it as well as adults!

Thank you for your time and may you carry on making great, fresh music.

Your welcome! Enjoyed it, thanks!