Interview with El Silo

Interview with El Silo

Interview with El Silo

He’s known for his extremely catchy hooks, melodic rap style, unique accent that you’ve never ever heard before and of course his iconic sunglasses who he never takes off..

We’re talking about El Silo, a young Hip Hop recording artist who has managed to build himself a strong following the past year.

Good afternoon Silo, how’s it going?

My schedule has been very busy the past few weeks but I can’t really complain man,

I  do what  I love every day and that’s already a big blessing to me.

(Laughs) Speaking about blessings and doing what you love, can you tell us anything about the absolute beginnings of your career?

Yes of course, I officially started my career around 2015, I was very already business savvy at that time but I really didn’t know what I was actually doing and lacked experience. I was just dropping music videos on my YouTube channel and expecting that they would blow up just because they had professional visuals and a catchy beat. Unfortunately that’s not how it works and I didn’t saw any success. I’m glad that I realized that on time which made me change my strategy.

What type of music were you dropping at that time?

I was a much different artist who made a really different style that wasn’t popular at all. I was making tracks for the older male audience where I was more focusing on the lyrics than on how my music was sounding. I had no brand and nothing special about. I was just not appealing. I remember how my friends told me ‘yea those lyrics and beats are dope but nobody wants to hear that sh*t, it’s just outdated music’. However, I still managed to get a small group of fans back then.

But then everything turned around, what happened?

I decided to rebrand myself and do everything much differently, I replaced the outdated 2007 type of beats for catchy trap beats, branded myself, came up with my own trademark sound to set myself apart. I gained more knowledge about marketing in general  and after a year of not dropping any music I was ready to release ‘One of Em’. After that the ball started rolling which made me sitting here with you! (laughs)

Talking about that, your fan base contains a lot of females who seem to love you for your looks too. Is that something you decided to take advantage off on purpose?

Yes and no, I make love songs specially for the girls because that’s what I enjoy the most. Not because I want groupies since that’s just time wasting to me.

On the other hand I can’t say that I didn’t secretly thought about it. I remember when a girl ever told me. ‘I don’t really like your style but I still support you because you are cute’. After that my manager was like ‘this is gonna work. This is really gonna appeal.’

Speaking about that, do you have a girlfriend?

It’s complicated, I talk to a girl who i wanna share my life with and it’s vice versa with but I can’t officially call her my girlfriend for some private reasons. On the other hand I can’t say that I’m single and open for other girls. It’s hard to explain.

That’s a very mysterious answer and you are known to keep s lot of things confidential. what’s the reason behind that?

I don’t like it when people put their nose in my business and I actually hate too personal questions. They make me uncomfortable. It is a personal trait.

Speaking about your recent successes and newfound fame, how did it affect your personal life and the people around you?

That’s a good question that is hard to answer. Looking to one side I can say that it’s funny to stay in line at the grocery store and to hear somebody whisper ‘that guy looks like El Silo!’ it can also benefit you with getting access to certain high-profile people. I notice that I get replies back much easier from certain important people in the industry since I grew my name. that’s something that’s always dope to experience.

On the other hand it also makes you more vulnerable and an easier target for internet trolls. People feel much stronger online and you really have to grow a thicker skin when you decide to follow a path where you have to put your name out there in public. That is something that you have to learn to deal with.

My personal life is still exactly the same and i’m happy that I can say that. I still hang out with the same people and friends who still threat me the same as before. I don’t like it to receive better treatments. That really makes me feel awkward.

Is there something big that we can expect from you in the near future?

Yes of course! However, I rather do it than just talk about it. I would say just keep following me and you will notice it yourself

As last, is there anything else that you wanna share with anyone who is reading this?

Yes! Especially to those who really dedicate their time to support me. I really love it to have personal conversations with anyone who is a fan. I even have a special phone number for that. Those who wanna share a good conversation can just text me at +1(832) 650-0980 or approach me through Social Media!

You can listen to one of El Silo’s tracks here: