ILL Mike Numbr79 – Blow Away

ILL Mike Numbr79 proudly presenting his new single, ‘Blow Away’

If when you hear hip-hop you may think of today’s trap sound or maybe an artist that sounds like the majority, think again. ILL Mike Numbr79 is velvet-like, fresh and radiant his music is upbeat, chill like and a total vibe to say the least. When asked why he began his musical journey, Numbr79 says “After attempting a career in music management where one of my groups disbanded in the middle of a project while another artist of mine was arrested for an alleged shooting at a cop months later, I decided to take the music into my own hands.”

Numbr79 belief is that if you fail to plot in this forever changing environment then you can fall victim to someone else’s plot , and he’s staying true to his words by starting a clothing collection and Italian footwear collection in the midst of pursuing his dream in music. He has been recording tracks since 2016 even though he has been writing his own music since 10 years prior to that first studio recording in his friends home studio on the Southeast side of Chicago. 2017 he was featured on Daily Grind before he amassed 100s of thousands of plays through SoundCloud. ILL Mike Numbr79 today is a workaholic who values his accomplishments thus announcing himself with confidence.