Ian Guerin – Cry (Single)


‘Cry’ is a song written & performed by upcoming R&B Crooner Ian Guerin. It was released on June 22nd, 2015, but it has continued to rotate since due to its on-going success.
Upon release ‘Cry’ peaked at #31 on the R&B/Soul iTunes Chart in the United States & at #7 on the BEAT 100 World Chart in the United Kingdom.

‘Cry’ also WON three awards in the U.K. & one in the United States.

1• BEAT 100 A&R SILVER SONG AWARD, Awarded to (Well Written Original Songs)
1• BEAT 100 A&R SILVER VIDEO AWARD, Awarded to (High Quality Original Videos with Good Production Values)
1• BEAT 100 Promotional Medal
1• AKADEMIA AWARD for Best R&B/Soul Song.

‘Cry’ is also Ian’s most critically acclaimed single to date:

‘With a glorious 90’s-style vocal aesthetic and classical piano runs, Ian Guerin’s ‘Cry’ asks the musical question: How much can one man hurt on account of his unrequited love?’ –The Akademia Judging Panel

‘His voice has a lot of emotion. You can tell the lyrics mean something to him. The lyrics sound like he worked hard on putting the words together and making sure that they sounded right together.’ – Fan Review

‘I enjoyed the intro to the song. It had a great jazz feel to it. This song reminds me of classic R&B. The chorus in the background was a great feature to include. It added more volume to the song. The lyrics were simple, but memorable and sweet. I would love to listen to this song on repeat. It is so adorable! The artist hits so many notes and has amazing vocals!’ – Fan Review

‘The vocals in this song remind me of Boys II Men.’ – Fan Review