IamTheRealSir – Lituation

IamTheRealSir presents his new single release, ‘Lituation’

What kind of summer is upon us this year considering Covid? No one knows. But what is known is music artists are still making songs for a lituation. IamTheRealSir and I. Hayes will have their part in the elation and wildness soon. Prepared to release their newest track unambiguously named “Lituation” this April, the singer and rapper have made clear they want individuals to have some fun.

Listen to the west coast sounding instrumental (2014-ish) and club imagery the lyrics paint. You may agree.

In any event, while the importance of using a chart-topping club song to open doors or have a good time is understood and sensible, this way is also easy and confining. Once in, change it up.

Outside of this advice, praise to the artists for shouting out XO Lounge in their home city, Jacksonville, Florida. Way to show love. Praise to the singer for sincerely having strong, clear vocals and the rapper for his unique sound – not typical Duval. Also, praise to the two gentlemen flowing together.