HeartBreak Bonez – Who’s Jomo?

HeartBreak Bonez - Who's Jomo?

HeartBreak Bonez – Who’s Jomo?:

HeartBreak Bonez formally Young Bonez of Better Than Rap released a track called “Who’s Jomo?” In this kind of “diss song” diss being used loosely. HeartBreak has a heart to heart (no pun) with his old friend Jomo Arigato. What started as an unknown dissagreement amongst friends turned into some of the greatest wordplay HeartBreak Bonez has ever written.

HeartBreak unleashes a lyrical barrage addressing him (Jomo) leaving Better Than Rap for another group and changing his rapping style from substance rap to Trap. The word “diss” is used loosely because despite it being labeled a diss song HeartBreak let’s it be known that that he only wants his old friend back. The beef has since ended between the two but can they reunite after this well constructed song?