HeartBreak Bonez – Weirdo (HeartBreak Land)

HeartBreak Bonez releases insightful new song, ‘Weirdo’, taken from his upcoming full-length album

HeartBreak Bonez is a hip-hop artist based in Saint Louis, Missouri. He has a life-long affair with rap music: the 23 year-old has been performing throughout his life. He joined the military when he was 18, but eventually got out in 2017, and continued to focus on his rap career. He was a child rapper, inspired by Bow Wow, but later learned more about the scene, and keep developing his own unique sound and tone.

Recently, he recorded a groundbreaking new album titled “HeartBreak Land”, anticipated by lead single “Weirdo”, a stunning track that highlights the artist’s full potential and diverse creative background. The song is entertaining, fun and engaging, but its lyrical flow is particularly insightful. The track is about how to stand against all of those negative people trying to bring you down through life, and how real friends can really become an invaluable source of support.

In this day and age, being a “hater” almost seems like it is the most fashionable thing to do, leading to hurtful relationships on the rise. This song is all about knowing who your friends really are, and understand how to move away from all the negativity and the bad energy of the “hater” attitude, which brings nothing but insecurity, pain and stress to everyone involved, including the haters!