Harun Rune – Prince Hakim

Harun Rune - Prince Hakim

Harun Rune presents: Prince Hakim.

April 2021 – Harun Rune is an artist and songwriter with a truly distinctive sound, exploring different influences and genre definitions. Based out of London, UK, Harun Rune managed to take his career to some incredible heights throughout the years. He also had the opportunity to perform with some amazing established artists at some of the best venues in the city, including the famed Camden Jazz Cafè.

His release, Prince Hakim, is a reference to the classic movie “Coming To America,” and its title is the name of the movie’s protagonist. Harun Rune has a unique sound, which might remind you of classic artists such as Jay Z or 50 Cent only to mention a few. The production is truly on point, with a clean sound that highlights the impactful touch of the arrangement. The melody has a darker touch, which works really well with the drum parts and the amazing vocals, adding so much vibe and texture to the mix.

Find out more about Harun Rune, and do not miss out on his release, Prince Hakim, which you’ll be able to find on streaming platforms.