Hammo – 2020

Hammo - 2020

Hammo introducing brand new release, 2020.

February 2020 – Hailing from Australia, Hammo is an underground rap artist with a focus on creating melodic, yet energetic and catchy music. His flow music channels so many different ideas, and it is a combination of various influences, going for a creative and open-minded approach. With his music, he channels the punch of classic rap, but it also captures the melodic sensibilities of the modern scene.

Hammo has been quite busy creating new music lately, and his most recent release is a new tune named 2020. The song sets the bar higher with a very creative approach to production, as well as showcasing the artist’s uncommon and refreshing lyrical ability. Hammo ignited this release with so much vibe, energy, and some great hooks, which feel spontaneous and personal. The song is all about how politicians and corporations have made life difficult for the every-day people, as we are all struggling because of the immense greed of “the few” who hold all the power and money. The rich seems to be just getting richer, seemingly unaffected by all problems that are plaguing the rest of us.

If you do enjoy the sound of seminal artists such as J. Cole, Mac Miller, or Machine Gun Kelly, you are definitely going to connect with Hammo, as well as his creative vision. Every element in this production is balanced and catchy, going for a very focus sounds that highlights the artist’s natural skills and vision.

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