Haifa Wehbe – Breathing You In

Haifa Wehbe brings to us her hot new video “Breathing You In”

It’s not everyday that an artist unfamiliar to the U.S. can release a video on VEVO. It’s even less likely to find that said artist has accumulated 1.5 million views in a mere four days. If this wasn’t enough to catch your attention the red hair, sparkling diamonds and co-star appearance from super-choreographer/JLO Ex Casper Smart certainly should. However, within seconds of investigation – aka typing Haifa into Google – it will all start making sense. Haifa may be a relatively unfamiliar name and face in the US, but in the Middle East she is a full-blown superstar Diva.

Lebanese born Haifa Wehbe is as big a star as the Middle East has to offer, drawing parallels to artists like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. She began her career as one of the top models in The Middle East, appearing in over 100 magazines before recording a single song. Now, four albums and a movie later, she is pop-diva extraordinaire. But despite her success over seas, Haifa is now looking to be the next international star to break into the U.S market. With the success of her new single “Breathing You In”, it appears she’s off to a great start.

The video released on all of the biggest Music Video networks in the U.S., including MTV, and is garnering a huge response via the Internet. Haifa is signed to on-the-rise label, World Music, a company based in Dubai, LA and Miami, founded by Tarik Freitekh and Mostafa Srour. Freitekh also directed the video, along with two others set to drop over the next month. Freitekh couldn’t be happier with the reaction from U.S. fans, saying, “We are very excited by the success of Breathing You In, and look forward to giving her fans a lot more new music very soon.” By the looks of Twitter today, it appears that her fans (new and old) are equally excited by the prospect of new music, which bodes well for Haifa’s chances at successfully crossing over into the U.S mainstream.