Gregory Luster – Breathe

Gregory Luster - Breathe

Gregory Luster – Breathe:

Fearless, determined, and humble. These are three words to describe the twenty eight-year old singer, rapper, and producer. Ice, also known as Gregory Luster, was born in Charlotte, NC, but spent half of his life living in Kannapolis, NC.

There are a lot of individuals who possess talents, but have not come to the realization of them. That is not the case in this situation. Ice has not only taken advantage of his talents and opportunities, but has perfected his God-given abilities. Having sung at various locations such as basketball games, football games, fun parks, churches, and charity events, Ice feels as if he is ready to take on any challenge brought his way. Music has always been apart of his life. But, in 2000, music BECAME his life. He started singing Gospel music with his brother, Clinton Luster at different venues. Later on he became a member of a secular group known as Amour. As time progressed, different group members had different visions and ultimately, the group lost one of its members James (King Jizzle). Still managing to keep in contact with his close friends, Sean (Streetz) and Jeremy (J-Vo), the three friends decided to create a new, yet versatile group. With the addition of Teran (Batosa), Terrance (Tech), and Roosevelt (Champ), the six friends decided to call themselves Empire.

Running from his calling had become more and more difficult to do so in 2009, he decided to part ways with the group and has been serving God every since.