GQ Marley – Quaaludes

GQ Marley - Quaaludes

The independent hip hop powerhouse, GQ Marley, just released his latest studio endeavor. Entitled Quaaludes, the new track harnesses Marley’s undeniably soulful style for a jaunt through some of the summer’s finest, most suave indie music yet. Set for global release on Sound Cloud, the track further defines GQ Marley’s vital place within a contemporary music scene.

GQ Marley is a driven, self-made artist who hails from San Antonio, Texas. His style of hip hop is dynamic and sonically compelling, but first and foremost, he is a lyricist. The artist is known for his thought-provoking metaphors, vivid storytelling, clever wordplay, and unique delivery. As such, a GQ Marley recording is an experience unlike any other. He’s a wordsmith for a modern generation, a voice from his hometown that’s destined to be heard above the noise of the industry.

All of GQ Marley’s work is created in-house with the producers he collaborates with, Platinum PAT and Doc Strange. The creative trio have been on a hiatus for several years, parting ways to work on different audio and visual projects. Now, though, they’re back, and they’ve come together to craft GQ Marley’s debut EP which is due out this fall.

“I literally live, eat, and breathe hip hop,” mused GQ Marley when discussing his latest project. “As an artist, you want to be able to identify your sound and find ways to creatively build connections with your fans. I’ve always truly believed that music is a universal language that connects people together.”

Marley isn’t the only performer of the three prepping an exciting new release. Doc Strange is part of a hip hop collective that he founded with Marley known as “THE GRADUATE$.” Later this month, the outfit will release a brand new EP. Between that record, Marley’s debut this fall, and another album in the works with an in-house R&B vocalist, GQ Marley and his musical cohorts have a full schedule for the foreseeable future.