Goofy A.K.A Sklusive – Get Like Me (ft. Qui$-III & Vintage Daz)

Goofy A.K.A Sklusive ft. Qui$-III & Vintage Daz introducing a brand new studio release: Get Like Me.

May 2021 – Goofy A.K.A Sklusive recently teamed up with some amazing artists: Qui$-III and Vintage Daz. These talented musicians came together to breathe life into a new music release titled Get Like Me. This song is a perfect combination of what it means to make exciting modern hip-hop, sparing no expenses in terms of creative excellence and setting the bar higher with production that’s so good that it would easily rival some of the big names in the international top 10 any time. This song is a killer blend of rhythm and melody, and all artists involved did a great job, shining for their amazing quality and excellent creative flow. This release should definitely be right up your street if you are a fan of artists like Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne or Rick Ross, among others.

Check out Get Like Me by Goofy A.K.A Sklusive ft. Qui$-III & Vintage Daz and do not miss out on this track, which is currently available on the best digital music streaming services on the web.