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Genra – F-150

In my lifetime, I’ve come to believe we’re all much more alike then we think. I moved to Brentwood CA, from Oakland CA, when I was 15. It was a culture shock. I was used to seeing Scrappers on 22’s and Dodge Durango’s on dubs. In many ways, that was our cool. But then I moved to Brentwood and I noticed the folks there didn’t driver scrappers, there were no Buick’s, no Grand Prix’s and no one owned soup-ed up two door Lexus’. Only Chevy trucks and Ford F-150’s. They drove those things with a recklessness that ended up in death, every year. They rode them like Tonka Trucks with wheels you’d find in Iron Man competitions. This was their cool. It still is their cool. And though I never bought a Ford F-150, I’ve come to appreciate both sides of the Bay as I have also come to respect the truth that no matter who you are, being too cool, too fast, can kill you.


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