Geebeats – Patience (feat. Kavi)

Geebeats present a new single titled, ‘Patience’ featuring Kavi

When asked about the perception of the song, Scherzer said, “I hope it is viewed as a blend of different genres but ultimately it is up to the listener.” He is a firm believer that art doesn’t have to be explained by the artist. He wants his art to mean something different to everyone. “Patience” is the second song that Scherzer has released to the public. The title comes from growing up when he was often accused of impatience. As Scherzer grew, he became increasingly okay with waiting to fulfill his aspirations and learned to appreciate the steps along the way. Scherzer wasn’t alone in creating “Patience.” He teamed up with a friend, fellow student, musician and producer, Kavian Bina for the production and mixing of the track.