GarciaVega – Some Pain

GarciaVega releases his new single, ‘Some Pain’

As an artist, GarciaVega has always tried to do everything himself. Whether its engineering the base sound of a song or editing little details in all his visual projects, he is an artist. GarciaVega believes he must put himself into everything he does in order to radiate that light that he thinks can make a project shine how he feels it should. His words are his paint and the melody is his canvas. His whole being is music, with hip hop as the essence.

GarciaVega has always felt he’s been put on this earth to spread a message and through music, he’s definitely found his outlet.  Since the age of 10, he’s been studying, learning, and perfecting his craft.  The time that he has taken up to now to procure and perfect his gift has provided him with the life lessons, knowledge, and that level of maturity and commitment that is essential to this ‘hustle’.

Ready and focused, GarciaVega uses his word manipulation and slick gander to entertain, educate, and illustrate.

It’s a new wave coming with him at the crest. Be prepared. GarciaVega is coming to flood everything