Gamou – Porte-parole

Gamou presents: “Porte-parole” a new single, loaded with significance and social meaning.

Gamou is a talented recording artist with a focus on creating some astonishing world-music vibes. The artist’s most recent single release is more than just a track, but an outspoken social commentary. In fact, “Porte-Parole” is all about a very peculiar form of racism. Some black men tend to put dark-skinned girls aside, preferring women from other ethnicities. This isn’t a matter of persona choice alone, because most of the times, these women actually become the subject of heavy criticism. They feel demonized and humiliated, without really any good explanation.

This song is dedicated to all those girls who feel neglected and cast to the side, and it is an invitation for them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. Regardless of our complexion, we are more than just how we look, and we should all be judged by what we do and what we say, not by the color of our skin or other personal traits. Unfortunately, the world still has many superficial people who never seem to look beneath the surface.

As a dark-skinned girl herself, Gamou feels personally very close to the issue, and she spoke out on behalf of other girls just like her, who might be experiencing the same situation.

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