G33 – Lab Rat

G33 presenting the visuals for his new release, ‘Lab Rat’

The latest track from the ‘coldest rapper’ in New Zealand G33 was inspired by how our liberties are being impinged, while honouring his family who fought for the freedoms we enjoy.

“Lab Rat” is a multi-layered single the 36-year-old G33 initially wrote to express his feelings about how New Zealanders are being treated by the Government.

“Moving forward from that, as the Government imposed more Covid restrictions, laws and mandates, the song started evolving into something that was more about humanity,” G33 says.

“I based the video around the values in New Zealand culture because we’re a proud nation with ties to those who fought and died for our freedom,” he says.

His grandfather, who was imprisoned in Nazi Germany, and uncle were ANZAC survivors.

“The life our soldiers endured cannot be forgotten, this is something we need to keep alive and at the surface of everyone’s minds because they fought for the liberties we enjoy today,” he says.

G33 says his music comes from the darkest corners of his mind.

“I’ve always been conscious of my sombre feel for music, however, I feel that’s where I will truly relate with my audience,” he says. “Anyone can make a ‘feel good’ happy song but it’s the darkness where true emotion is shared.”

In June G33 will be releasing a song featuring Tyree from Smashproof and he’s currently working on a project with Henry AZ who is signed to Juicy J’s label “Mo Faces”.

G33 recorded the track at The Vinyl Cut Studio and purchased the beat from producer Pendo46, mix, master and engineering provided by Palmerston North-based producer & sound engineer SamZ.