G WIZZZ – It’s Ok

G WIZZZ - It’s Ok

G WIZZZ presents: It’s Ok

February 2021 – G WIZZZ is a talented R&B artist hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Recently, he dropped a fantastic new studio single that’s titled “It’s Ok.” The song introduces the audience to G WIZZZ’s musical world, and his creative vision is truly on point, combining one-of-a-kind vibes with passionate sounds and so much personality on tap.

This wonderful track is a perfect example of the artist’s incredible lyrical skills, as well as a solid taste of the attitude that drives his musical workflow so seamlessly. What makes “It’s Ok” so unique is the fact that the song has some more in-depth lyrics, which stray from the usual cliches of the genre, revealing G WIZZZ’s ability to set the bar higher with a distinctive and strong sound. This amazing song comes highly recommended if you do enjoy the music of artists such as D’Angelo, Miguel, as well as Usher and some of the best modern R&B artists alive on the scene today.

Find out more about G WIZZZ, and do not miss out on “It’s Ok,” which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.