Fyf Aaron – No Way

Fyf Aaron - No Way

Young star on the rise Fyf Aaron releasing new single, “No Way”

Fyf Aaron is an artist based in Exuma, Bahamas, although he is only 17 years old and straight out of high school, his sound already feels accomplished and polished, making for a world-class production quality and a huge level of charisma! Recently, this young star on the rise released a brand new single titled “No Way”, a song that combines the artist’s refreshing attitude with some great melodies and unique lyrics. Fans of artists like Drake, Chris Brown or Joey Bada$$ will certainly enjoy Fyf’s work and vision, as this track is all about modern-sounding hip-hop beats and thought-provoking lyrics with something to say.

The song begins with a mellow acoustic melody and a really searing vocal flow, which provides a really unique contrast with the sound of the guitars and keys. The beat drops in with a groove-driven, 808-style tone that sounds crunchy, yet powerful and well-defined.

Find out more about Fyf Aaron and check out his brand new single, “No Way”, which is currently available through Soundcloud: