frantz ferdanon – You

Frantz Ferdanon has recently dropped a new single: “You”

June 2022 – At times, some of the best music that you could possibly find is the one that defies the usual expectations. Magic can come to life when artists are willing to push themselves over the edge and explore ideas that are seemingly out of their comfort zones. This is most definitely the case of Frantz Ferdanon. This talented artist combines the edge of the modern EDM scene with the appeal of the “golden age,” while also incorporating a host of unique ideas and influences that make his production value so spiced-up and unique. His most recent studio work, “You”, is a fantastic example of what to expect.

The song builds an interesting layering of musical textures, but Frantz Ferdanon’s performance rules over the arrangement seamlessly, allowing his expressiveness to dictate the flow and the intensity of the track to perfection. “You” is fresh and zesty, but also very warm and instantly familiar – Like that feeling of hearing music for the first time, but feeling like it’s been there throughout your life.

Find out more about Frantz Ferdanon, and listen to “You”. This release is currently available on Spotify, as well as many other digital music streaming services on the web today.