Foci’s Left – Follow The Eater

Foci's Left - Follow The Eater

Foci’s Left introducing new release, “Follow The Eater”

One of the most intriguing aspects of Foci’s Left is definitely the artist’s intriguing attitude and direct approach to songwriting. In particular, lyrics are very important to this project, and it is quite easy to connect to the unique vibes of this release in a very particular way. Interestingly, the artist admits to be quite of a hermit, often withdrawn from society, but keen on expressing his views through the beauty of his songwriting.

The sound of this song is just as intricate and intriguing as the lyrics, as it explores a wide range of influences, including alternative rock, world music, electronica and many other styles.

The quirky, unique style of this release tips the hat off to world class performers the likes of Bjork, Bat For Lashes or even Fleetwood Mac, making for a truly unique and forward-thinking approach, which is heavily focused both on songwriting excellence and great production value.