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FLM – MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL: “FLM” is an acronym which stands for “FULLY LOADED MAK”. He is a solo artist but also a member of the Hip Hop Super Group “GHETTO MEN”. Hailing from Bushwick,Brooklyn N.Y. FLM has been in the HIP HOP game for quite some time know releasing two independent albums with GHETTO MEN under their own independent recored label called “E.N.G.R. ENTERTAINMENT L.L.C”. 2006 released “N IT 4 Life” and 2010 released “13 1 Hit Wonders”. In 2012 GHETTO MEN released a single titled “HIP HOP RUN THE WORLD”. FLM has finally released his own single titled “MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” with another song titled “IF NEED BE”. FLM is a very outspoken,straight to the point with no chaser, says what he means, means what he says type of guy. Bear witness to thought provoking tapping straight into your spirit lyrics and Hip Hop Soul Music!!!!!



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