FAYRO – Get on the Floor

Official Video for, ‘Get on the Floor’ by FAYRO

FAYRO Releases Dancehall Hit
“Get On the Floor”
The Multigenre Artist Releases his Dancehall single to Upcoming Album Release
“Frequency 432”

Fayro is making his way into the Reggae scene with latest single “Get On the Floor.” The catchy dance song has been catching every ear that hears it and it’s just in time for the New Year. “Get On the Floor” is the first single from the 2020 Album release “Frequency 432” a Pop/HipHop/Reggaeton Album. As usual Fayro is bringing us something new and creative. Though the album has no set release date the video is now available on YouTube, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and other popular video sites.
Watch the Video and Download the single.

The video is set in Duluth, GA at the popular club, Bliss. Fayro and his accomplice Najje sit in the parking lot planning their move bringing us back to the classic movie “Dead Presidents.” Fayro and Najje are planning a robbery as they await the call to make their move. This video is mysterious and full of surprises.

Bio: Aspiring to break his way into a new era of music, Multi-genre Artist Fayro is a striving artist from Memphis, TN with a mission to inspire positive change in the world. Fayro speaks life through his lyrics, and each song holds a message of meaning and positivity. He is known for his astounding stage presence and unique sound as well as creating multiple genres of music. This artist is soon to be a standing legend in the world of not only Hip Hop but music as a whole.

Known best for his versatility and energetic stage presence; FAYRO(pharaoh) is an Artist/Entertainer/Songwriter from Memphis, TN. At the age of 15 Fayro decided that being an artist was the path for him and since then he has performed hundreds of shows including headlining acts for mainstream artists, self promoted, birthday parties, weddings etc. In Iraq, the army veteran was given the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of vets, his performance as an artist. Being an artist has led him to meeting many industry talent which created opportunities like collaborating with Memphis Legend Lil’Wyte (Don’t Get Robbed single) as well as DJ Unk (Speak Easy single).