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Fay Kendel – So Good: New single from the up and coming unsigned new International Rnb/Soul artist Fay Kendel. She has a unique international background; she is Danish, grew up in Norway and England and presently lives in Sweden. Her new single is called “So Good” and yet again, she mixes old school beats with new school. Her voice is very powerful yet very smooth and original. Fay has worked with SelectRecording Studio and rapper Spader MC on this track.

Fay describes the song in her own words as:
“I also felt when I wrote this that it´s been a while since I have heard a happy love song. A song that does not address trouble, pain or heartache.

It´s nice to be able to shift the energy and focus on something positive and good.
I believe that how you make others feel about themselves, can say allot about you as a person. Simple but true, and when you make others feel good it reflects back on you.”

Watch out for Fay Kendel because this is truly an artist to watch out for in the near future.



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