The Fast Camels – Keep The Noise Down for Matilda (Tales of The Expected)

tales album cover

The Fast Camels – Keep The Noise Down for Matilda (Tales of The Expected):


Their songs remind me of Love at “BIDO LITO’S” in 1966..’, JOHNNY ECHOLS (LOVE) on ‘Deadrooms & Butterfly Dreams
Invited to support one of their biggest influences from the 1960s music scene (Johnny Echols – Love Revisited), alongside a very productive time in the recording studio, Glasgow band, ‘The Fast Camels’ are preparing to release their 3rd studio album, ‘Tales of the Expected’.
Playing a string of festivals this year has taken the band throughout mainland Europe while an extensive catalogue of gigs in the UK has served to promote their 60s inspired psychedelic pop to the ever growing following of the The Fast Camels.

Drew Sturgeon (vocals,guitar) and Mark O’Connor (vocals/lead guitar) formed the band in 2006 fuelled by a mutual love of 60s freakbeat music and began a songwriting partnership which has now lasted a decade! The duo thrived lyrically on a base of observation and humour, “We like to exaggerate real people for our own amusement” (Mark O’Connor) hence a successful 3 studio album’s worth of material.

As well as O’Connor and Sturgeon The Fast Camels consist of Joe (Big Daddy Smyth) Smith (drums, vocals), Andy Rennie (bass,vocals) and Craig Jenkins (percussion,vocals), Rennie and Smith also contributing songs to the new album.

A vibrant intensity shines through much of their material, and often helps to propel their collective playing overall. And it’s this, coupled with a strong sense of identity – to say nothing of the pathos and particular sense of humour that can be heard shifting about inside the music being created here – that gives them a woven together definition, or at the very least sets them aside from a lot of groups that are happening on the current British scene.