Fabiola Rivera – Clean

Artistrack brings to you ‘Clean’ by Fabiola Rivera

Fabiola Rivera is a singer/songwriter born and raised San Juan, Puerto Rico. She’s been working in Orlando, Florida as a professional vocalist and actress, but her true passions have always been in songwriting, poetry, and lyricism. Fabi, as she’s called, has developed her songwriting and singing skills to the point where she was beginning to be noticed. Her social media posts and single releases caught the attention of Ty Fy Records owner Dan Fontana and in July 2021 Fabiola became the second artist to sign to Ty Fy Records. Fabi and the Ty Fy team have just completed work on her debut EP “Clean” which was released on February 10th 2023. Fabi’s first three singles have already hit a combined 650,000 streams in just four months. Her connection to her heart felt, soul stirring lyrics makes her an artist that cannot be ignored. She pulls you in with her command of melody and wraps you around her finger with words. Music is all about connecting with your audience and Fabiola’s music does that instantly. She is now diving headfirst into making music that tugs at the soul. Stay tuned for more info about Fabiola and her upcoming music release. “I just believe in her as a storyteller and an artist, when she sings you feel like she’s talking directly to you, we just had to have her on the label.” – Dan Fontana (Ty Fy Records Owner)