EyeLawrenceJ – Eight Twenty One

EyeLawrenceJ - Eight Twenty One

EyeLawrenceJ is back on the scene with a brand new studio album: Eight Twenty One

September 2020 – Artist and songwriter EyeLawrenceJ has a distinctive creative approach. His sound is based on a powerful blend of different genres, including soul and R&B.

EyeLawrenceJ’s most recent studio release, Eight Twenty One, is a perfect introduction to the artist’s diverse vision and eclectic workflow. This album is dedicated to all black lives, and it is a powerful statement, especially coming at such a difficult time in this world. Artists like EyeLawrenceJ can really make a difference, inspiring people to strive for something better! We would not hesitate to recommend you to listen to this release if you enjoy music that’s made with passion and personality, then this one is going to be an absolute no brainer for you. Eight Twenty One is a great step forward in the artist’s career, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Check out EyeLawrenceJ’s music and do not miss out on Eight Twenty One as well s other exciting releases from this talented recording artist. Eight Twenty One is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms and elsewhere online.