Esly Juarez – I.N.M.Y

Esly Juarez has recently announced the release of a brand new single: I.N.M.Y

September 2021 – Esly Juarez is an artist who time and time again proved his willingness to challenge himself and try new ideas. His most recent studio release, I.N.M.Y, is indeed a very strong combination of various vibes and creative aesthetics, while staying true to the amazing feel of his formula. I.N.M.Y hits the mark and goes straight to the point with a very strong arrangement where the rhythm unfolds in full force. Esly Juarez is alway one to seek to inspire and motivate his audience, and he brings so much positivity to the audience with his work and flow!

This music is going to be right up your alley if you enjoy the sound of artists such as Eminem, Daryl Hall, George Michael, Anderson.Paak or Mac Miller, only to mention but a few! Esly has something quite special going on, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next for him!

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