Eric Gray – Gang

Eric Gray presenting the visuals for new release, “Gang”

Eric Gray is a forward-thinking rap artist whose sound is actually quite different from your run-of-the-mill rappers. One of the most striking and forward-thinking aspects about his music is the ability to combine his upbringing with a personal and direct tone, making for a story-driven lyrical approach, which connects deeply with the audience.

His most recent studio release, “Gang” has a somewhat autobiographical vibe, as it deals with growing up in a rather tough background, yet being able to overcome all the struggles with the help of positive energy from people, friends and family coming together.  In addition to the amazing lyrics of this release, Eric Gray really set the bar higher in terms of music production and sonic aesthetics.

Hailing from the town of Eloy, known for its population of inmates, Eric believes he has equal chances of ending up in jail, dead…or on Billboards! Which one will it be? Listen and find out: