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Often being compared to greats like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, Empress Naima is assured to make major contributions to R&B and Soul music. Hailing from south Louisiana her style of singing is just as laid back and relaxed as the bayou country where she was raised. Breathless, her first single from her forthcoming debut LP Soul Beautiful, is reminiscent of the classic Neo-Soul music that was made in the 90’s. It’s an homage to the pioneers of contemporary soul music with it’s live instrumentation, funky drum rifts, and minimalist keys under an elaborate vocal line. This coupled with the earthy warmness of her mezzo-soprano voice and her passionate delivery makes for a very refreshing listening experience. Empress Naima finds musical inspiration from the things she and her loved ones have experienced with love and life and she is anxious to share her unique views with the world.

Check out “Breathless…” from the one and only Empress Naima:



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