El Royalty – Original Sin (feat. Bry Tha G)

El Royalty back on the scene with new single: “Original Sin.”

El Royalty is a charismatic singer and songwriter, with a focus on lush, sultry melodies and fascinating rhythms.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, El Royalty has developed a sound that blurs the lines between the fire of classic hip-hop and the attitude of the contemporary scene. The artist’s most recent release, “Original Sin,” is actually a perfect example of the aesthetics behind the music. This release was actually inspired by a past relationship, as well as the influential movie sporting the same title. One of the most distinctive features of El Royalty’s music is that the artist puts a special focus on great lyrics, using words to tell stories that connect with the audience on a deeper level.

“Original Sin” is also really intriguing on a musical level. The song shines for its masterful arrangement, and it also features a collaboration with fellow artist Bry Tha G, which brings something different to the table. The song also brings a certain soulful twist to it, which makes me think of artists like Frank Ocean or The Weeknd, only to mention a few.

Find out more about El Royalty ad check out “Original Sin” directly via Spotify, where the song is currently available in streaming