Dzy.902 – 3 in the morning

Dzy.902 introducing brand new release, “3 in the morning”

Dzy.902 is a rapper with a warm and dynamic sound. His tracks combine different influences, while retaining a catchy and unapologetic sound, inspired by the golden age of the genre.

Born Kyle James Simmonds, the artist has been passionate about music throughout his life, and he’s been making it ever since he was only 13. He’s been building everything from the bottom, and he’s on his way to reach the top with his sound.

Dzy.902’s most recent single is a track named “3 in the morning,” which really captures the essence of his musical vision. The introduction gives way to a really warm and uplifting song, with an appealing melody. The vocals have a lot of grit and attitude, often making me think of classic artists like Tupac. The sound of this song is catchy, yet warm and organic. There is something truly unique about the production, and it kind of makes me think of some of the best 90s records.

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